Authentication & Headers

You authenticate to Pushbots API by providing Application ID in request headers.
Header Description
Content-Type Set to application/json *.
X-PUSHBOTS-APPID Pushbots Application ID. *
X-PUSHBOTS-SECRET Pushbots Application secret, should be used with Push API only.
* Required


Errors are returned using standard HTTP error code syntax. Any additional info is included in the body of the return call, JSON-formatted. Error codes not listed here are in the REST API methods listed below.

Standard API errors

Code Description
400 Bad input parameter/JSON. Error message should indicate which one and why e.g. {"code":"InvalidHeader","message":"Authentication headers not found."} , {"code:"", "BadDigest":"Please contact support for more details, supportId #12345"}, {"code":"InvalidContent","message":"Invalid JSON: ."}
401 Authentication headers are unauthorized. e.g. {"code":"InvalidCredentials","message":"Application ID and/or Secret unauthorized."}
405 Request method not expected (generally should be GET or POST) e.g. {"code":"MethodNotAllowedError","message":"GET is not allowed"}
409 Request could not be processed because of a missing parameter or a conflict. Error message should indicate which one and why e.g.{"code":"MissingParameter","message":"Notification message parameter is required."}
429 Too Many Requests.
507 User is over API requests quota.
5xx Pushbots Server error, check server status.