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Whatever the platform, your messaging is ready.

Whether your app is written for iOS or Android, natively or hybrid, we are ready. Simple drag and drop, a few lines edit and voila!


Engagement starts with audience understanding

With Userbase, get a clear overview of people using your app, their devices, carriers, languages and more.

Users and Platforms

An overview about your app users distribution by platform.

Geographical Distribution

Where in the world your users come from


Carrier networks your users are using.


Languages your users speak.


Grow a user base without a mobile app.

Notifications that work across all push enabled browsers, and all websites. No need to invest in a mobile app , if you don't have one, just to communicate with your visitors.

Works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera (mobile)!


advanced push insights for every message

See opens, clicks, and measure if people take specific action in your app.

Engagement summary

Learn in a snap about how well your messages is engaging people in aggregate and on every platform.

Engagement Charts

Track your message performance over time, everyday and every hour.

User Analysis

Learn about those who engaged with every message with data on their phones, languages, app versions and more.


Send your push, later.

Scheduling and coordination of messaging is an obvious need. We make it really really easy.


Your push, your way.

If you prefer to use your own back-ends and infrastructure, you can seamlessly integerate with our push APIs in the language of your choice.

npm install pushbots
pip install pushbots
Install-Package PushBots.NET


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