Revolutionize your digital marketing.

Reach all your customers on mobile or desktop. Send and manage push notification, in-app messages, or polls. Understand user behavior, retention and engagement, and much more!

A push notification is a message that pops up on the phone. Apps can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their phones to receive them.

Web push notifications are messages that come from a website. You get them on your desktop or device even when the concerned web page is not open in your browser.

In-app notifications are engaging messages to broadcast something important right in the app for your active users.

Send an instant two-option poll right in a notification for phones and websites and see real-time results as your audience answers. Customers can engage directly in the notification.

Join hundreds of apps and websites who trust the bots

All messaging needs, in one place.

We want you to focus on the problem your business is trying to solve. For engagement and messaging you can count on us.

Userbase analysis
Smart Scheduling
A/B testing
Retention Reports
Schedule API
Transactional API
Multilanguage support
Batch messaging API
Engagement Charts
Wordpress plugin
Customer profiles
Notification reports
In-app Messaging
Multiple libraries
Anomaly detection
Business analytics
Developer support
In-app Polls
Roles & permissions
PHP client
Web Push
Mobile Push
Javascript client
Mobile App
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I'm a developer

PushBots SDK requires ten minutes to be installed and a few lines of code to get started. Seamlessly integrate our push APIs with your backend if needed.

I'm a product person

PushBots produces user analytics that helps you get the big picture of how users engage with your messages, campaigns, and product so you can evolve them properly.

More app visits, more revenue.

Whether your business model is ads or subscriptions, PushBots will provide you with the right tools to re-engage your customers via basic/rich push notifications, web push technology, in-Notification polls and in-App messaging. More app opens, means more opportunities to monetize and drive revenue.


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Level up your customer experience.

Tap the hidden potential of push notifications with rich and personalized campaigns. Top up your notifications with images, videos, gifs, and emojis. Use deep linking and action buttons. We have written the code, so you won't have to!

Campaign creation, the easy way.

A multi-step campaign wizard that will take you from a to z before you even realize it. Can it get any easier?

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Select who receives the message with outstanding granularity.

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Decide what to send,
and see a live preview.

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Broadcast immediately, schedule messages or let AI decide for you.


Get started in 5 min with our lightweight SDK

A comprehensive mobile engagement platform to capture and improve
customer journey and engagement over iOS, Android & websites.

Why PushBots?


SDKs and APIs that will reduce your time to go to market when building your mobile app or website.


Loads of users? We've got your back covered. We support most devices and all major SDKs.

Unlimited Notifications

You can notify your subscribers as often as you want. Our system counts subscribers not notifications.


Stuck somewhere? Our team will walk you through to materialize what you are aiming to achieve.

Don't take our word for it.

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