Engagement starts with audience understanding.

With Userbase, get a clear overview of people using your app, their devices, carriers, languages and more.

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Users breakdown

An overview of your app users distribution by platform. Geographical Distribution; where in the world your users come from, what languages they speak and whether or not they are using the latest update.

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Quick Insights

Target the right content to the right set of users after learning that women between the ages of 18 and 24 watch more videos than other groups in the first 15 days, or that people in London are more likely to fail to upgrade to premium features within a normal 60-day trial window.

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The only query builder you will ever need.

You can make complex queries with a very easy to use interface. For example, you can find out who were the users who were active in the past 30 days, or find users who subscribed on a certain day, in a certain country. and much more!