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with A/B testing.


Which message will perform better ?


Mobile marketing is a data-driven science.

A/B testing equipes you with the power to test your marketing ideas just like as if they were science experiments. Use different marketing copy, add emojis and pictures. PushBots A/B testing lets you see and understand the impact in real time. The results will surprise you.

Two ways to expierment with A/B testing

Advanced A/B Testing Recommended

Send two messages to a subset of your users, then let us send the better performing message automatically to the rest of your users. You can adjust the time the bots should wait before comparing results.

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Manual A/B Testing

Conduct a manual experiment where you can test two messages, alter emojis or pictures and then see the result for yourself in the A/B testing report. This will help you test your assumptions on what makes users more engaged.

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We envision providing best notification A/B testing experience, period.

Probably, the only push notification solution in the market with real-time A/B testing capabilities: See live statistics and delivery reports when you make A/B experiments. See numbers change in front of your eyes, and be entirely in control.

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