PushBots ❤️ Students.

As part of our commitment to enable developers to build more engaging applications, we think it’s important to give back where it matters most. If you’re a student, you can use PushBots Premium for free. Join thousands of developers and students that use PushBots on their personal projects.

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Free Premium account (normally $49/month) for 6 months

To gain free access to our Premium plan as a student, make sure you have joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Then, just activate the offer by clicking the link below.

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Sending push notifications is easy with PushBots,
and we will walk you through it.

  • Prepare your environment

    Generate necessary keys from Google or Apple and prepare your code editor.

  • Install SDK in minutes

    Install our SDK in your mobile app or website with a few lines of code.

  • Send push notifications

    Through our UI or programmatically through our API.

Have Any questions? Talk to Mollie.

If you have questions about the program, hit up Mollie.

Talk to Mollie

All plans include these great features

We want you to focus on the problem your business is trying to solve. For engagement and messaging you can count on us.

Userbase Analysis
Smart Scheduling
A/B testing
Retention Reports
Schedule API
Transactional API
Multilanguage capability
Batch messaging API
Engagement Charts
Wordpress Plugin
Customer profiles
Notification reports
In-app Messaging
Multiple libraries
Anomaly detection
Business analytics
Developer support
In-app Polls
Roles & permissions
PHP client
Web Push
Mobile Push
Javascript client
Mobile App