Enable your app with push notifications in minutes.

User acquisition is only half the battle, use push messaging to drive strong mobile engagement, user retention and ROI. Take advantage of this invaluable direct line of communication to users with PushBots.

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Sending push notifications is easy with PushBots,
and we will walk you through it.

  • Prepare your environment

    Generate necessary keys from Google or Apple and prepare your code editor.

  • Install SDK in minutes

    Install our SDK in your mobile app or website with a few lines of code.

  • Send push notifications

    Through our UI or programmatically through our API.

Then learn more about your users

An overview of your app users distribution by platform. Geographical Distribution; where in the world your users come from, what languages they speak and whether or not they are using the latest update.

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Send targeted content.

Target the right content to the right set of users. Whether, by tag, country, platform or language.

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Delivered at the right time.

Deciding when to send a push message is tricky. We predict the right time with artificial intellgience and machine learning.

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from our blog

Case Study: How PushBots Supported Fitness App MyGym.One.

As we promised, we are taking you with us on our journey, our client’s journeys, because each client is a journey. Today, we are literally transforming your perception on PushBots and how pushing through and forward are the only paths there are to success. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to MyGym.One

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