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Notifications that work across all push enabled browsers, and all websites. No need to invest in a mobile app just to communicate with your visitors.

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2. Allow notifications

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3. Voila!

You can now receive Web Push notifications.

Implement in under five minutes.

A hassle-free set-up. Enter your website, configure and send a live notification in under five mins. Take advantage of the most straightforward way to get customers back on your site.

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Send relevant message to your subscribers at the right time in the right place with PushBots web push notifications and get better conversion and more revenue.

Why PushBots?

Unlimited Notifications

You can notify your subscribers as often as you want. They don’t have to install any additional apps or plugins. They just accept receiving notifications from your website and voilà!

Granular filtering

Easily decide and control who should receive your push notification. Build custom profiles for your users and filter using a name, email, phone and more.


Track the location of your subscribers and send targeted and relevant notifications, with either localized content or time-specific scheduling.

Multiple Websites

You can install PushBots on multiple websites and either manage them from one central account or assign separate team members (agents) for each.


PushBots provides essential usage and engagement data available for each push message you send with the necessary charts.

Wordpress Support

The PushBots web push notification SDK can be installed very quickly on Wordpress.